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Investment Advice

At IWP, the solutions we provide are as diverse as the clients we service.

Swiss Pensions

How the three pillar system works, the tax breaks, and how best to optimise them.

Estate Planning

Ensure your possessions are distributed as you wish, guardians established for your children, and estate taxes reduced.


We specialise in helping our clients get the lowest mortgage rates and best repayment terms.

Retirement Planning

Our job is to help you understand what you have, what it will be worth, and how to retire earlier.

Currency Conversion

We partner with independent Foreign Exchange specialists to save you money.

Pension Transfers

You could profit from earlier access, less tax, higher growth, and more control.


We work with the biggest names in the industry to give you truly international cover.

International Banking

We can help you set up bank accounts with well-established, financially solid, reputable banks.

Tax Optimisation

Tax Declarations, Double Tax Liability, Reduce Investment Taxes, Reduce Estate Taxes.

Education Funding

Through careful financial planning it is possible to give your children the best start in life.

US Investments

FATCA limits US citizen’s investment options; find out about US compliant offshore investments

Percentage of taxpayers with under 50,000 in assets
CHF 273,559
Average saving when changing 3rd pillar provider
Percentage of workers with no life insurance outside their 2nd Pillar
6,300,000,000 (6.3bn)
Amount left unclaimed in Swiss 2nd pillar pensions

Norbert Rambuszek

- Finance Director, Steam Product Line at Alstom Power

James has adviced me on a number of topics related to insurances and funds investing. He has always spent the time listening to my needs and trying to find solutions that match them. He is very responsive and available to follow up on the inquiries and to get things done to my best interest. Good salesman, but the type you come back to with trust.

Victoria Feller

- Deputy Head of Accounting Policy Group at Zurich Financial Services

I was pleased with the advice and service provided by James and his understanding of my requirements. He is very personable and respectful and seems enthusiastically knowledgable about his products without being pushy.

Kiriakos Dologlou

- Director PMO & Business Operations Global External Make at Johnson & Johnson

James is an extraordinary individual that can both manage the big picture and get into details of your specific requirements. When James makes a commitment he will follow up regularly and will deliver on it. He communicates and manages business relationships very well and despite the nature of his job, he easily builds trust in relationships. I enjoy working with James and would recommend him at any time.

Daniel Deri

- Strategic Projects and PMO Leader

I have come across many investment broker consultants but James stands out from all of them. I met him in 2012 after moving to Switzerland and seeking advice on investment and saving options. What impressed me the most was James’ unique approach to his clients as real people with plans and personal circumstances not as opportunity to make money now. He is definitely in for the long term and helps you think through your position and options in a way you would never do on your own. Besides staying on the top of the financials and wanting the best for you, it is always great to have a coffee and chat with him. I can definitely recommend him to anyone looking for comprehensive and unbiased advice from a true partner.

At IWP, we pride ourselves in solving our client’s financial planning issues. Our aim is to provide clear, comprehensive and tailored financial planning advice from an international, independent and qualified perspective.