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Get financing for a home or investment, in Switzerland or worldwide
The process:

Mortgage Questionnaire

We work with the biggest lenders in Switzerland, the U.K. and internationally to find the best offers

We take you through a comparison of the top offers so you understand the pros and cons of each

We help you make a decision, and you get the best deal possible

For most people, property is the biggest purchase they will ever make. It is a big decision you have to get right, and that’s why we specialise in helping our clients get the lowest mortgage rates, best repayment terms, and biggest tax savings.

What makes us different? We are financial advisers – not mortgage sellers. Before we get the best deal for you we want to understand why you are buying, how much of a risk you will be taking, and how it fits into your overall financial plan. We will also explain the capital gains tax relevant to your canton and/or country – something rarely explained by the banks.

Swiss Mortgages

Interest rates in Switzerland are at historic lows, making home ownership attractive versus high rental rates. However Swiss real estate is among the most expansive in the world, and a 20% deposit can be unachievable for many people.

At IWP we can show you how to save, finance and tax optimise a future property purchase in the most efficient way, often with less than 20% cash deposit.

How does it work?

% Deposit

% 1st Mortgage

% 2nd Mortgage

How to finance it?

The minimum deposit for residential property in Switzerland is 20%. For many this makes the prospect of owning their own home nothing but a dream, and for those who can afford it, something they have to plan for carefully.

Fortunately you do not have to pay the full 20% deposit in cash, and there are smart ways for those even on modest salaries to save quickly and efficiently for a deposit, beyond the poor returns of a bank account.

How to repay it?

1st Mortgage: A peculiarity of Switzerland is that the 1st mortgage (around 2/3 of property value) never needs to be repaid. A person may choose to repay this part of the loan, but there is no legal requirement to do so.

2nd Mortgage: By law, the 2nd mortgage must be repaid by 15 years or retirement, and there are two options for repayment; direct and indirect amortisation. The decision to directly or indirectly repay a mortgage should be based on a person’s unique situation, as it will have an impact on their financial and tax situation. It is therefore essential to seek professional advice.

Want to learn the rules for permit holders, the great tax benefits and how to own your own home? Contact us now to schedule a call or appointment with one of our qualified advisers. A peculiarity of Switzerland is that the 1st mortgage (around 2/3 of property value) never needs to be repaid, only the interest.

International Mortgages

In most countries around the world, if you want a mortgage to buy a property, or to remortgage your current loan, you need to show your earnings in that country. For the average person buying where they live this does not present a problem, however for those wishing to buy internationally it’s often impossible – even in their country of birth.

We work with specialist international lenders who will recognise your income and assets, and are happy to lend on property in 40+ countries worldwide.

Certain lenders may also provide mortgages in your domestic currency for a property purchase abroad. This is particularly interesting for those earning in Swiss francs, as it means borrowing with historically low interest rates, not having to exchange currencies to pay the mortgage on a regular basis, and right now the Swiss franc is strong against a host of world currencies.

Want to see what financing you could get, understand the currency benefits and how to own your own international home? Contact us now to schedule a call or appointment with one of our qualified advisers.