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Life Insurance:

What would happen if one day you were no longer here? How would those you leave behind manage? If you haven’t already, it might be time to think about the financial implications an untimely death can bring about. If you already have life insurance, it is also worth considering whether you will still be covered if you leave the country; many insurers will not allow cover for non-residents. We work with a number of international insurers who provide truly worldwide cover, giving you peace of mind no matter where you go. Contact us now to schedule a call or appointment with one of our qualified advisers.

Health insurance:

After moving to Switzerland, you have 3 months to get health insurance for you and your family, from a provider of your choice. There are over 60 providers in Switzerland, and many do not provide literature in English. Such an important decision is usually rushed due to time constraints, and once made it cannot be undone for anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Get the right advice from the start – contact us now to schedule a call or appointment with one of our qualified advisers.

Home Contents:

Protecting your possessions is important no matter where you live, and we work with the biggest home contents insurers to provide the best cover.

Personal Liability:

If you intentionally or unintentionally cause loss or damage to another person, you have the obligation to compensate them. You can be held liable to the extent not only of your total assets, but also your current and future income. Don’t take the risk – get insured today.

Car insurance:

The best offers from the best providers, in record time, without having to do the research and contact work yourself.