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CHF 273,559
Average saving when changing 3rd pillar provider

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Reduce your tax liability with a pillar 3a, with a typical saving of CHF 2,000 per year

1. Technical Interest Rate – a flat rate of interest, average 1% p.a. (01.01.2016)
2. Funds – highest risk/return profile, with average returns of 6% p.a.
3. Capital Guaranteed – protection against investment performance, with participation in a fund/index, average 3-5% p.a.

A number of Swiss 3rd pillar providers allow you to continue contributing to your pension, even if you leave Switzerland! Perfect for international people who may not permanently stay in the country, but who want to benefit from a tax efficient, safe investment vehicle for their futures.

Pillar 3a is a tax qualified personal pension, limited to CHF 6,768 (01.01.2016). Tax relief is granted to the contributions, and any accumulation, but tax is paid on exit from the pension. In return for this tax advantage, access is generally restricted to retirement, death, disability, property/company purchase, or on permanently leaving the country.

Pillar 3b is a non-tax qualified personal pension. As such there is no restriction on when you can access the money, there is no limit on the annual amount that can be invested, there is no tax on accumulation and under certain conditions there is no tax on exit.